Sunday, October 2, 2011

Catchup, from notebooks

So this is a dump from my notebook. I wrote most of these while at work.

This post is a long list of title ideas. I think I settled on "So said the Mongoose" as the most likely option. Some of them betray their influences to me. Some are close to Lovecraft stories ('The Mongoose in the Wall') while others have escaped from roleplaying game modules ("Death Memory Mongoose").

8th May 2011

The Mongoose Play

Playing Mongoose
The 5th Dimension
A Girl and Her Ghost
Mongoose Fidelis
Isle of Mongeese
Ghost Island
Voirrey's Ghost
Echoes of Angels
The Scratch
Keeping Score
Echoes in the Wall
Behind the Walls
Beyond the Wall
Behind Locked Walls
Ghost Rat
Echo Rat
Voirrey's Echo
Echo Miracle
Ghost of Time
Echoes of Time
The Shadow of the Mongoose
The Shadow of the Rat
The Ghost's Shadow
Planet Mongoose
The Shadow on the Wall
The Shadow in the Wall
Voirrey has two Shadows
The Shade at Cashen
8th Wonder
Voirrey at Cashen's Gap
The Life of a Haunted Girl
Walled In
Echoes in the Walls
Mongoose Sub-Protector
Ghost Farm
Spook Farm
Voirrey's Spooked
Voices Beyond the Wall
Spoken Wall
Bound House
The Black Urn
Shadows on the Wall
Death Comes to Cashen
Death and the Mongoose
Death and the Rodent
Death Memory Mongoose
Voirrey, said the Mongoose
Love Death said the Mongoose
I protect, said the Mongoose
We All Died, said the Mongoose
I Live in Memory said the Mongoose
I am Memory, said the Mongoose
I am the 5th Dimension, said the Mongoose
Said the Mongoose
So Says the Mongoose
So Said the Mongoose
In the Walls, the Mongoose
The Mongoose Speaks

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