Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sat 11/19, Sun 11/20 and Tues 11/22: Margaret and Voirrey talk some.

Each of these kind of follow each other, with some overlap. Each is just a little isolated from each other, and there is a little looping back between the 19th and the 20th: I remember thnking I'd restart the conversation. I have no clue where or when they are talking. Initially it falls out of the stuff between Jim, Voirrey and Margaret earlier.

(Also, I've just realised that Gef has gone from that earlier conversation between Jim and Voirrey. Hmm. Is that something I want?)


MARGARET: Did you fake him? Make him up out of thin air?
MARGARET: I'm not interested in lies.


MARGARET: Did you make Gef?

VOIRREY: Why are you asking me?

MARGARET: I need to know.

VOIRREY: Why does it matter? It happened to us all. Who cares how or why? I don't know how Gef came to us. He told so many stories, versions of himself. Who knows what is true.

MARGARET: You didn't answer.
VOIRREY: Mum, what has changed to make you doubt what happened to us?

MARGARET: Your father is dead.

MARGARET: Without your father, the fancy has worn off.
VOIRREY: It happened. You can't deny it
MARGARET: Yes it did, I grant. So how did it happen?
VOIRREY: How do I know?

VOIRREY: I don't have the faintest.
 MARGARET: Then, how about why?

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