Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alien Playwright Blog

Almost a decade ago I wrote 2 plays that were produced in Wellington theatres. They were a mixed bag of experiences, mostly positive. But for various reasons I have not written a completed play since and that feeling of completion has been something sorely missing in my life.

This blog is going to do a number of things.

It will be a place where I  write a draft and a half of a play. I will sit down and write directly into blogger to weave together a completed draft. It won't be as rough as a typical first draft, because I want people to see where it is going. I am considering placing this draft under a creative common license of some kind.

The second thing this blog will do is be a place for me to write about how I see the theatre and writing in general. I am not a big one for definitive statements, though it will be valuable to articulate some of the signal from the background noise in my head.

Thirdly is that I want this blog to be a calling card or showcase for my writing abilities and style. A place I can send people to when they ask "So, what do you write?"

The last and, possibly, most important is that I need a focus for my writing. It is good to have a goal when writing, beyond the final curtain, and this blog is now mine.

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