Monday, January 24, 2011

What do I have?

I first thought about writing the talking mongoose story in early October 2010. Way back then I did a whole whack of internet research (i.e. google text and image searches), saved a bunch of pages and documents and then brainstormed.

My writing process involves a period of initial information gathering and then a distilling of all of that information into lists of characters, events, images and ideas.

When I first thought of doing this blog a week ago, I did an archeological dig through my notebook to see what I had already generated. (I will post each entry as a separate blog post with commentary).

This information is all the digested and semi-digested bits that I've gleaned. I like to include anything that may even be remotely of use, usually to provide contrast to the core idea. I try to have a lot of these lists, just so I can have the fun of deciding what gets cut.

What will happen now is that I will post what I wrote way-back-when, then I'll probably do a few more brainstorms and some explanation (as best I can) of what on earth I was thinking as I was writing it all. I'll also re-read and post the links for the information that I found. There are some fascinating bits and pieces out there. This story is one that hooks people.

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