Monday, December 19, 2011

Vox Pop from the IoM, notebook pages from 12/01

A little more from the IoMannite, then the Dalbyist  chimes in.

This first draft is going to look like a house made from strange materials found in building recyclers. Sure, there are five kitchen sinks and that roof is held up by something, good intentions perhaps, but the second draft is where the architect comes in, shakes his head and sits down and begins turning a shack into a respectable bungalow with an en suite and an open shared living space. Some of those kitchen sinks will have to go, of course.

IoMANNITE: When the Irvings sold up and left all of it stopped. I assumed that Gef went with them.
REPORTER: Why assume that?
IoMANNITE: All of it ended. The whispering, the spooked animals, the tiny footprints in the flower beds.
[I actually wanted to say "the tiny footprints in the butter" but I didn't think outright Pythonesque humour would have fit in]

DALBYIST: When Jim and the family left I was glad. That mental kid of theirs. Of course he vanished.
REPORTER: oh? Gef, right?
DALBYIST:  You can't have a puppet without the puppeteer, can you? For my money it'll be the daughter. She was a bit wild. I'd heard that Jim had to move her bed into his and Marge's bedroom to keep an eye on her. She seemed to like to roam all over the show killing rabbits, which ain't healthy. Jim is a stand up bloke. Always ready with a good word,. He was a traveler, to be sure. I'm certain that he has seen things that beggar belief. I might add she weren't right in the head. My boys didn't like her. She was always making funny voices in school. Pretending to be something that she weren't.

Forgive me the sliding in tense. This is all supposed to be discussing the past.

REPORTER: You seem certain that Voirrey made Gef.
DALBYIST: Oh yes, I'm certain of that.
DALBYIST: She could throw her voice and she had plenty of time on her hands to come up with a little bugger like Gef.
REPORTER: But why not Mr or Mrs Irving?
DALBYIST: They're too sensible for that. It's not in their character.
REPORTER: But not Voirrey. Did you meet Price?
DALBYIST: He's a slick one. I'm not sure why he came. Perhaps there was a whiff of something. He acted like a man on holiday. Swanned about, not a care in the world. He saw the sights and climbed to Cashen's gap. Did he believe? Do you know if he ever said?
REPORTER: Not to my knowledge. Price was usually pretty forthright and adamant in his debunking.
Price seems to have seen something to exploit in he situation. I don't have a clear idea of what Price's beliefs are in regard to the supernatural. I don't know if he believed or not. He certainly

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