Monday, April 4, 2011

Blogging A-Z: Chicken houses.

"If you are kind to me, I will bring you good luck. If you are not kind, I shall kill all your poultry. I can get them wherever you put them!"

I have a half memory of Harry Price discussing James Irving's education and well-travelledness by referring to a Jewish symbol on a chicken coop. I'm a little frustrated that I can't find this reference right this second. Should it matter given that I'm writing a fiction, albeit one based on factual recollections? Possibly. If I find the reference I'll add to comments.

Now: scripty bits.


                    James with ruins of chicken.

JAMES: Gef! Where are you, you wee bastard?

                    Skittering overhead.

                    A thump.

JAMES: I know you're there. Say something.


GEF: Hullo Jimbo.

JAMES: Gef, what is this?


GEF: A chicken?


GEF: And?

JAMES: What happened to it?

GEF: It looks like it had an accident.

JAMES: 'like it had an accident'. Well, that's just dandy. That's peachy. Is that what we're to call you these days? An accident?

GEF: I don't know what you're talking about.

JAMES: Right. Listen here you spooky little rat. You will not touch our chickens again.

GEF: What will stop me?  I can get them wherever you put them. You'd best be kind to me.

JAMES: Ha! Is that so? 

GEF: It is so. I've travelled a long ways to get here. I've learnt many things.

JAMES: Well, my ratty little friend. I've learnt a little something in my travels too.

GEF: I have seen things that you have never dreamed of. I am truthsaying that way. 

JAMES: Have you seen what's on the chicken house now?

GEF: tell me Jimbo. Be a friend.

JAMES: It's a gift to myself. Best you see on your lonesome.



GEF (from distance): Bastard! Flaming, bloody bastard!

                    Skittering closer.

                    A thump by James' head.

JAMES: Do you like it?

GEF: How dare you! The living cheek. The unspeakable, utmost living cheek.

JAMES: Do not touch our chooks.

GEF: I'll get them. Somehow.

JAMES: You can try.

GEF: You need to look out for more than just your chooks Jimmy.

JAMES: Oh, and what would that be?

GEF: Guess.


JAMES: You touch one hair on her head and...

GEF: You'll what, Jimmy? Lock everyone in their rooms? Hide them behind your chickens?

                    Gef laughs.

GEF: You'll do nought of the sort. Vanish.


JAMES: Bastard.


The danger that I spy is that having characters interact with a disembodied voice can become tedious. But that is the beauty of a first draft. All of the tedium can be explored, overcome and excised.

Tomorrow: Dog Hair.

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