Thursday, April 14, 2011

A-Z challenge: Love

Voirrey, in her early 20s. A fictional young man named John.

JOHN: Mary, we've been seeing each other for quite a while now.

VOIRREY: Yes, we have.

JOHN: I was wondering...

                    He goes down on one knee.

JOHN: Mary Irving, will you marry me?


VOIRREY: John...

JOHN: What's wrong?

JOHN: Do you not want to me married?

VOIRREY: I do... but-

JOHN: -I'll ask your Dad if I can marry you.

                    Voirrey laughs bitterly.

JOHN: And then you can meet my folks. They're always on at me to settle down now I have a job.


JOHN: Mary, what is it?

VOIRREY: I have to tell you something.


VOIRREY: There are some things that you shoud know. Before... John, I'm not crazy.

JOHN: I know you're not.

VOIRREY: I come from the Isle of Man.


JOHN: Oh thank god!


JOHN: I thought you were going to tell me you'd accepted someone else.

VOIRREY: That's not it. My real name is Voirrey.


JOHN: I don't understand. Mary, Voirrey, what difference does it make.

VOIRREY: Do you remember the mongoose? The speaking one?

JOHN: Yes, but what- oh.


JOHN: That was you?


                    John laughs.

                    Voirrey covers face with hands.

VOIRREY: Stop it!

                    She pushes him.

JOHN: What is the matter?

VOIRREY: You think I'm mental!

JOHN: No, I-

VOIRREY: It doesn't matter. Our parents won't allow it.

JOHN: It happened so long ago.

VOIRREY: It happened to me. I can't explain it. I'm sorry.

JOHN (trying to hold her): Mary.

                    Voirrey pulls away.

VOIRREY: No. It won't work. Just go. Just vanish.

JOHN: Mary.

                    Voirrey slaps him

VOIRREY: That isn't my name!

                    Lights out on John.

VOIRREY: That isn't my name.


VOIRREY: You always ruin everything.


Hmm, not sure if it works- it's a little goofy and melodramatic- but something like this.

Tomorrow: Margaret.

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