Saturday, April 9, 2011

A-Z blogging challenge: Harry Price

Harry Price is the redoubtable investigator into the unknown.

His entry into the story of Gef is when James Irving wrote to him about the phenomenon. Perhaps a little leery, Price asked his friend Captain MacDonald (Captian X) to look into it. Eventually he visited the farm and the Irvings accompanied by another friend, Lambert.

I get the feeling that Price does not believe the Irvings, but can't quite find the lever to crack the story open as a hoax.


PRICE: No, at first I was not interested.


PRICE: I get more than the lion's share of gloryseekers and frauds. I didn't credit your initial letter.

JAMES: I assure you that Gef is as real as you are.


PRICE: Well, of that I am not certain.

JAMES: You can talk to anybody here. They will vouch-

PRICE: -they have. The Captain reported back to me, and I'm here to see or hear for myself as a result.

JAMES: Well, there are no garauntees.

PRICE: Your diary was most helpful in that respect. Now, I have some questions. Let's see if we can draw out the beast.

JAMES: You're welcome to try. I haven't been able to trap, shoot or posion the little bugger.

                    Thump overhead.

PRICE: Was that..?

JAMES: No, just my daughter.
                    Shouting upstairs.
              Voirrey, keep it down!

PRICE: I would like to speak with Voirrey and your wife at some point.

JAMES: You would, would you?

PRICE: They have their own observations I'm sure.

JAMES: They may.

PRICE: Mr Irving, is Gef real?

JAMES: You have my word.

PRICE: I have a colleague, Lambert, that will come with me on my next visit. I also will need to bring some equipment.

JAMES: we have no electricity.

PRICE: Rest assured, this equipment is simple in it's operation and requires batteries only. Which we will bring.
PRICE: Our presence will not be an inconvenience.

JAMES: Aye, well, stranger things have happened around here. And strangers will cause things to happen. I'll show you around.


This challenge has made for an interesting entry back into writing. I do need to get reacquainted with all of the background documents I've scavenged from around the web. It is irkesome to be writing and not really have a grasp of the real people before turning them into characters. Price loves magic, but how will I make that an effective part of the stage character? More reading. More research. More writing.

Monday: Isolation.

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