Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blogging A-Z challenge: Buggane

The buggane is a creature unique to the Isle of Man.

Initial reports of Gef referred to him as a buggane
(this site gives a very good overview and pdfs of press clippings from Feb 1932)

And now, some actual scripting direct from my head to blogger to you.


                    Voirrey's room.

VOIRREY: Who's there?


VOIRREY: I can hear you breathing.

                    Voirrey sits up in bed.

                    A skittering sound above her.

VOIRREY: I'm not afraid of you.

                    A thump from the wall beside her.

                    Voirrey screams then slaps a hand over her mouth.

VOIRREY: Please be quiet. Please.



                    A door slams off.


                    Enter James with lantern.

JAMES: What the bloody hell is all this noise?

VOIRREY: It's a buggane!

JAMES: What? For god's sake Voirrey we're trying to sleep.

                    A thump overhead.


JAMES: Silly girl, that isn't any buggane. Its a bloody rat in the wall.


JAMES: I'll deal with it in the morning. You had best get to sleep, and not a peep out of you or it'll be blue murder. You hear?


JAMES: Do you hear?

VOIRREY: Yes, Dad.

                    James exits.


VOIRREY: I am NOT afraid of you.

GEF (muffled off, mimicing James): Silly girl...

VOIRREY: Can you speak?

GEF (mimicing Voirrey): Speak.

VOIRREY: Do you have big teeth?

GEF (mimicing): Teeth.

VOIRREY: You're just copying me.


GEF (mimicing James from earlier): Blue murder.


Monday's subject is 'C' for Chickens. Unless different inspiration strikes.

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  1. creepy! happy b day!
    ps - thanks for reminding me that "there's no post on sundays!"