Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A-Z blogging challenge: James Irving

A distillation from sources, corrupted no doubt by misreading and insertion of conjecture (both mine and others). I feel like I should be placing a disclaimer about resemblances to persons living or dead.


James Irving is in his 60, married father of 3. Youngest child still at home. Retired from Dominion Organ and Piano Co, now farmer. Well travelled, educated, liked learning. A mason. Does not talk to son.

Liked to be called Jim

A friend of James Irving wrote the letter to Harry Price which eventually brought Price to the island and led to the publication of the book written with friend R. Lambert, "Haunting at Cashen's Gap."

He did not believe that the voices came from the spirit world. That Gef was an animal that could speak and think as a human could.

Described by fellow IoMers as not being a crank and not an idiot.

From my notebook dated 2/24/2011(referring to newspaper articles)
JTI is insistant that he isn't crazy. Goes out of his way to ensure so. Makes a point of telling the reporter that the have gained nothing, indeed lost, financially.
Described as a domestic tyrant - I believe by Fodor, another paranormalist, who also described a possessiveness towards Voirrey
Didn't talk to his son.
Kept a lock on the outside of Voirrey's door.

Has many conversations with Gef.
Kept diary of Gef's antics which he sent to Harry Price. Price likened it's marvels to Arabian Nights.


probable, improbable and downright silly:
  • James created Gef as a fiction. The voice was Voirrey on a microphone or a tape recorder (Gef has outbursts). James craved attention and the outside while trapped on the Isle.
  • Gef was a manifestation of James' subconscious. A poltergeist created out of frustration at his circumstances. Gef and James share a love of languages, telling jokes and talk to each other.
  • James was a warlock and Gef was a spirit bound into an animal. Gef collects information for James ranging far and wide. Gef begs James for release.
  • Gef was an actual, true-life extra special little critter who could speak.
  • Gef is Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Roadrunner/Le Cat, James is Elmer Fudd/Wile E/Pepe Le Pew.
The fatal flaw in my plan is that I can't make up my mind. I kinda want my cake to eat, and suggest all of these positions. A schrodingers mongoose, say.

Tomorrow: Keepsakes.

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