Monday, April 11, 2011

A-Z challenge: Isolation

Possible scenes to illustrate the various isolations:
  • Discussion of ascent to and inaccessibility of Doarlish Cashen (700 odd feet up a mountain)
  • Voirrey having a lock on her door (Why?)
  • James losing his lucrative job that allowed him to travel.
  • Voirrey being teased at school.
  • James talking to Voirrey's teacher about the mongoose.
  • The silent Margaret Irving on the sidelines in the Voirrey and Gef show with James as ticket tout.
  • The older Voirrey discussing her lack of marriage with a journalist.
Gef alleviates and makes more acute the isolation. If Gef is a creation of Voirrey to not feel so lonely, the mongoose ends up ensuring her lonlieness.

The whereabouts of Voirrey's brother and sister (this came as a bit of a surprise to me, because the two elder siblings are absent from the popular literature).


How can I include isolation in the script (without directing from the page)?
  • Indicate no or limited physical contact between any of the characters.
  • Have scenes where there are set barriers between characters (tables, walls)
  • Characters ignored, talked over and run down in dialogue
  • Characters present but silent. (i.e. Margaret could simply be a silent presence throughout the entire thing!)
  • Frequent character monologues, but with the proviso that Gef could be present.


Tomorrow: James

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