Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A-Z blogging: Dog Hair.

Today's topic/prompt/script is the hair of the mongoose.

There is not much physical evidence for Gef, and of the evidence I've scrounged from the interwub there isn't any that can't be disputed on one level or another.


The hair becomes the object in a game of pass the parcel where Gef gives it to Captain X who gives it to Harry Price who gives it to Reputable Expert who declares it to be most likely dog hair from the family dog, Mona. Says Gef: I was kidding with you! I gave you her fur you doubting doubters. Which strikes me as an imminently sensible thing to do if you wanted to muddy the waters.


GEF: What will it take for you to leave Corporal?

CAPTAIN X: Well, venerable sir, let me think.

GEF: We don't have that kind of time. Spit it out.


CAPTAIN X: A lock of your fair hair will ensure that I retire.

GEF:  Is that all? Really?

CAPTAIN X: That is my price.

GEF: Humph. Very well. Leave this room and await my instruction.


GEF: Captain, you will find all that you require upon the mantle.

CAPTAIN X: This beauteous lock?

GEF: If it is the one alongside the toby jug, under the gaze of the chief.

CAPTAIN: It is. I am indebted to you fair sir.

GEF: You are a still a doubter, but I exist separate to faith.


Oh dear. I get the feeling that I have a new darling to kill: Dashing Captain X, a suitor attempting to woo Gef like some Austen romantic hero.

Tomorrow: Evil?

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