Friday, April 29, 2011

A-Z challenge: Years/Yearning

VOIRREY: The years have not been kind. I thought distance would make it easier to bear, I fled to the mainland, to the anonymity of a city. Well, into the anonymity of Gloucester, at any rate.

VOIRREY: Do I regret it? Of course I bloody regret it. I regret ever crossing paths with Gef. He has tainted my life, poisoned the well of it. I could have-


VOIRREY: There are things I could have done. Places I could have gone. I could have been a mother. I could have been an engineer. And, well, I become the mental old lady who spoke to a figment.

VOIRREY: Try and explain that.

VOIRREY: It was like someone snuck into the rooms of my life and stole the furniture, and upon arriving home to discover the robbery, I stopped from ever leaving. Fearful, in case they came back.

VOIRREY: Gef stole a life with a family of my own from me. Aye, I feel a bitterness upon me over him. I wish I'd never met him.


Tomorrow: probably the obvious choice, Zoological Oddity.

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